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Notice of PV Installation



           Notice of PV(Solar Panel) Installation and                                               Parking Restrictions


Aloha All Residents and Guests,

        Beginning in September 2017 (as currently scheduled) there will be a PV carport design solar panel structure constructed on the 3rd floor deck on the Makai(Pearl Harbor) side of the building. This will extend from the Kaonohi Street wall all the way to the opposite wall(Ewa side) and across the parking deck covering both sides of parking stalls.

       They will be erecting a heavy steel beam framework and installing a large number of solar panels. Due to safety requirements and trying to expedite the construction there will at times be restricted access and availability of parking stalls on that side of the 3rd floor parking deck as well as guest parking.

         We do not have an exact timetable or more specific information at this time but we wanted to make everyone aware, especially tenants parking on the 3rd floor deck from stalls #368-399, 3A-3G and all rental parking.  If anyone who parks in those stalls knows they will not be in town in September or otherwise be unavailable or unable to move their vehicle please let us know.

          We will provide more information as soon as it is available. It will be posted on the bulletin boards and we will also attempt to contact each resident of any affected stalls as we get additional information.

If you have any questions please contact Resident Manager Dave or Assistant Manager Kalani in the office 487-6700




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